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Override becomes overload! – something to watch out with Java Generics

Recently I was working on this large project originally written in Java 1.4. In this particular effort we were refactoring parts of the project while moving the source code to Java 6 (introducing Generics) as well as using some of the new libraries available. Everything was going smooth (a little too smooth maybe), until we … Continue reading

Reporting Plugin dependencies for Maven 3.x builds

Maven 3 has been out for a bit, and of course with some changes. Other than changing versions of plug-ins and extensions, I think the biggest change has been in the way site reporting plugins are configured. Maven 3 no longer uses /project/reporting/plugins/plugin to configure report plugins. It uses /project/build/plugins/plugin[groupId=”org.apache.maven.plugins” and artifactId=”maven-site-plugin”]/configuration/reportPlugins/plugin or /project/build/pluginManagement/plugins/plugin[groupId=”org.apache.maven.plugins” and … Continue reading

SSH/SFTP unit testing using JUnit

Working on the sfnet-mvnrepo-plugin in Infix there was a need to unit test piece of code which connected to a SFTP site and parsed the directory tree. The easy option of course was to use a specific server with SSH/SFTP enabled, but didn’t want the tests to depend on external environment or resources. So the … Continue reading

Mailing List spam on Sourceforge

The good folks over at sourceforge do an excellent job providing a home for open source software. They have some excellent services as well. However, of late I have been having a lot of problems with spam in the mailing lists. The user mailing list for the project that I administer there has been set … Continue reading

Struts Message Sources from Non-Classpath Locations

For a lot of us using Struts1.x internationalization is as simple as having resource bundles in the classpath, and the simple struts-config.xml configuration: However, this approach has a simple limitation, that the resource bundles have to be in the classpath of the application. However, in one of the projects at work, one of the design … Continue reading

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