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Data transmission for machines or programmers?

When we are working on building or maintaining an interface to a system for use by another computer program, do we really think whom we are building the interface for? Pick anyone involved in enterprise application development working on a (relatively) new application – the chances are that he or she is working with some … Continue reading

Breaking up Insight

I have been thinking about it for a while, and finally decided to go about doing it. Insight is an open source log analysis tool that was started by Regu. I started contributing to it and before I realized, I was maintaining the project. On its own Insight works fine as it stands today. But … Continue reading

People have File Extensions!

Saw an interesting quiz on the net! Assigns file extensions to people… Here is mine: Which File Extension are You? Get yours!

Search for the ultimate FTP client

Of late I have been working on a small project that some of us at work came up with. One of the requirements in that was to browse and download files over the network through the “famous” protocols : HTTP, FTP, etc. I turned to Apache for a client for the protocols. Its such a … Continue reading

Generate documents and render them into PDF

Got an interesting problem to solve today. An acquaintance of mine wants a solution in which we generate question papers for any test dynamically from a given set of questions (which might be stored in a database or something). They also want an answer-key generated out of the same, and the output format everywhere should … Continue reading

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