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Multipart request handling with Struts and Spring

Struts 1.x has inbuilt mechanisms to handle multi part posts (file uploads). By default it uses Apache Commons Fileupload. In the application I was working on we used Struts as the MVC framework, but Spring to do pretty much everything else. Springs, Struts integration module was extensively used, and we were using Spring’s SpringBindingActionForm for … Continue reading

SELinux does not like Subversion

I thought I had a trivial(?) task to complete last week – install and configure subversion on a Linux machine. And I thought, aah.. the easiest task this week. All I had to do was yum the packages, copy a few lines of configuration into ssl.conf (of apache) and do a ‘svnadmin create’. If someone … Continue reading

SSL Certificates for your HTTPS server

Found an interesting (and useful) page for novices to look for when creating SSL certificates for HTTPS sites. It worked like a charm right from creating a CA root certificate to generating the server certificate. The HOWTO setup openSSL for signing certificates is at http://www.flatmtn.com/computer/Linux-SSLCertificates.html. And the HOWTO setup certificates in your Apache HTTPD server … Continue reading

Lot of resources on XSL-FO

Continuing on my previous post on creating PDF from XML using XSL-FO. Got a good place for people working on XSL-FO to interact. A yahoo group called XSL-FO at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/XSL-FO/.

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