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Data transmission for machines or programmers?

When we are working on building or maintaining an interface to a system for use by another computer program, do we really think whom we are building the interface for? Pick anyone involved in enterprise application development working on a (relatively) new application – the chances are that he or she is working with some … Continue reading

Override becomes overload! – something to watch out with Java Generics

Recently I was working on this large project originally written in Java 1.4. In this particular effort we were refactoring parts of the project while moving the source code to Java 6 (introducing Generics) as well as using some of the new libraries available. Everything was going smooth (a little too smooth maybe), until we … Continue reading

Should Maven Central be a software distribution site or an index?

I was reading an email thread on the Maven Developers mailing list about standardizing maven repositories, and re-factoring Maven Central. The discussion got me thinking – and me believes Maven Central Repository should not be a repository of artifacts at all, but more a look-up service / directory with some basic information (think UDDI). Let … Continue reading

Infix SF.net Maven Repository (Plugin)

So I have a couple of projects over at Sourceforge.net; no, not a top 10 project, but a couple of small Java utilities. Choosing Convention over Configuration, all these projects are built with Apache Maven. Now, Maven projects use Maven repositories for getting their repositories as well as deploying their artifacts. This can be a … Continue reading

Reporting Plugin dependencies for Maven 3.x builds

Maven 3 has been out for a bit, and of course with some changes. Other than changing versions of plug-ins and extensions, I think the biggest change has been in the way site reporting plugins are configured. Maven 3 no longer uses /project/reporting/plugins/plugin to configure report plugins. It uses /project/build/plugins/plugin[groupId=”org.apache.maven.plugins” and artifactId=”maven-site-plugin”]/configuration/reportPlugins/plugin or /project/build/pluginManagement/plugins/plugin[groupId=”org.apache.maven.plugins” and … Continue reading

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