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SELinux does not like Subversion

I thought I had a trivial(?) task to complete last week – install and configure subversion on a Linux machine. And I thought, aah.. the easiest task this week. All I had to do was yum the packages, copy a few lines of configuration into ssl.conf (of apache) and do a ‘svnadmin create’. If someone … Continue reading

SSL Certificates for your HTTPS server

Found an interesting (and useful) page for novices to look for when creating SSL certificates for HTTPS sites. It worked like a charm right from creating a CA root certificate to generating the server certificate. The HOWTO setup openSSL for signing certificates is at http://www.flatmtn.com/computer/Linux-SSLCertificates.html. And the HOWTO setup certificates in your Apache HTTPD server … Continue reading

People have File Extensions!

Saw an interesting quiz on the net! Assigns file extensions to people… Here is mine: Which File Extension are You? Get yours!

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