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Data transmission for machines or programmers?

When we are working on building or maintaining an interface to a system for use by another computer program, do we really think whom we are building the interface for? Pick anyone involved in enterprise application development working on a (relatively) new application – the chances are that he or she is working with some … Continue reading

Should Maven Central be a software distribution site or an index?

I was reading an email thread on the Maven Developers mailing list about standardizing maven repositories, and re-factoring Maven Central. The discussion got me thinking – and me believes Maven Central Repository should not be a repository of artifacts at all, but more a look-up service / directory with some basic information (think UDDI). Let … Continue reading

Death of a good library

Well, it has been a while since I posted anything. Guess I have been extremely busy? Anyways, I am back! This post however is not to talk about how I am doing, but rather to talk about a couple of libraries on Jakarta Commons – commons-email and commons-cli. I have used both these libraries on … Continue reading

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