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Mailing List spam on Sourceforge

The good folks over at sourceforge do an excellent job providing a home for open source software. They have some excellent services as well. However, of late I have been having a lot of problems with spam in the mailing lists. The user mailing list for the project that I administer there has been set … Continue reading

Maven NSIS Plugin 0.2.0 M1 Released

After about 3 weeks of work (free time work only of course), I finally met my target to have enough done to get the first milestone build in the current development cycle out for the Maven NSIS plugin. Though there were only few changes in the release, it was fun though – getting NSIS to … Continue reading

The two libraries saved

Bindul’s Tech Log: Death of a good library Following on from the old post about commons email and commons CLI, a current check on the Apache Commons home page, both of these are not listed as Commons Proper components. Feels good to know that I am not the only one who liked the libraries. Thanks … Continue reading

Breaking up Insight

I have been thinking about it for a while, and finally decided to go about doing it. Insight is an open source log analysis tool that was started by Regu. I started contributing to it and before I realized, I was maintaining the project. On its own Insight works fine as it stands today. But … Continue reading

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