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Should Maven Central be a software distribution site or an index?

I was reading an email thread on the Maven Developers mailing list about standardizing maven repositories, and re-factoring Maven Central. The discussion got me thinking – and me believes Maven Central Repository should not be a repository of artifacts at all, but more a look-up service / directory with some basic information (think UDDI). Let … Continue reading

The two libraries saved

Bindul’s Tech Log: Death of a good library Following on from the old post about commons email and commons CLI, a current check on the Apache Commons home page, both of these are not listed as Commons Proper components. Feels good to know that I am not the only one who liked the libraries. Thanks … Continue reading

Struts Message Sources from Non-Classpath Locations

For a lot of us using Struts1.x internationalization is as simple as having resource bundles in the classpath, and the simple struts-config.xml configuration: However, this approach has a simple limitation, that the resource bundles have to be in the classpath of the application. However, in one of the projects at work, one of the design … Continue reading

Multipart request handling with Struts and Spring

Struts 1.x has inbuilt mechanisms to handle multi part posts (file uploads). By default it uses Apache Commons Fileupload. In the application I was working on we used Struts as the MVC framework, but Spring to do pretty much everything else. Springs, Struts integration module was extensively used, and we were using Spring’s SpringBindingActionForm for … Continue reading

Death of a good library

Well, it has been a while since I posted anything. Guess I have been extremely busy? Anyways, I am back! This post however is not to talk about how I am doing, but rather to talk about a couple of libraries on Jakarta Commons – commons-email and commons-cli. I have used both these libraries on … Continue reading

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