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Infix is born!

Last week we registered a new project over at SourceForge – MindTree Infix. The project will be a collection of maven plug-ins and skins. So far, we have only set up the ‘infrastructure’, a basic skin and a few pages on the website – http://mvn-infix.sourceforge.net/.

Infix does not have to start from the scratch – it will have the couple of maven plug-ins developed with Insight – maven-jsmooth-plugin and maven-nsis-plugin; and a third plug-ing in the works (sfnet-mvnrepo-plugin) required to host the Infix artifacts as a maven repository backed by Sourceforge File Release System. With a long weekend coming up, hopefully we can make decent progress on infix to get initial releases out. The TO DO list now includes migrating source code over, re-namespacing and fixing a few defects/enhancements.

Oh and Infix is using Mantis as its defect tracking system and not the SourceForge trackers. See https://sourceforge.net/apps/mantisbt/mvn-infix/. We looked at Trac for issue tracking as well, and though it is a pretty cool software, Mantis won with its multi project support (all Infix plug-ins can have independent release and issue life cycles).

All we need now is some more volunteers! Patches, issue reports, suggestions and even development support as a committer down the line is most welcome.


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