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Maven NSIS Plugin 0.2.0 M1 Released

After about 3 weeks of work (free time work only of course), I finally met my target to have enough done to get the first milestone build in the current development cycle out for the Maven NSIS plugin.

Though there were only few changes in the release, it was fun though – getting NSIS to work on linux (thanks to a wonderful blog post on XDev Software by Dave M which was pointed out on an Insight feature request by yCharpentier), and getting the plug-in to work cross platform.
The other big new feature includes adding the capability to generate installers in a default language other than English. I am working on a multi language capable installer generation script, but that won’t be available until the second milestone build. This should be fun.
Check out the plug-in at http://mindtreeinsight.sourceforge.net/releng/maven-nsis-plugin/index.html
Hope the users like the new improvements in the plug-in!


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