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Insight goes Open Source

Insight is a tool for viewing and analyzing log files. It was initially designed to analyze log4j generated log files. It started as an enhancement over chainsaw. However, there were a lot of enhancements that were added on to Insight since then, so much so that in its current form Insight has very little ties to chainsaw, and would probably have no library links in the next few releases or so.

Insight is a great tool that we use at work everyday, and have great plans to enhance it. The only thing lacking is the time to hack Insight.

Insight is my first community-source project. I call it community-source, as Insight development began with the spirit of open source development, but was open only within the organization.

But that is not what this post is about, this post notes a big event in Insights evolution. MindTree Consulting Ltd. have finally decided to open source Insight. Even though the complete process of moving all the source code and finalizing the other stuff is not complete, but we have begun.

Insight is being released on SourceForge.net, under the GPLv3 license. Apart from modifying the source code to adhere to the license, what is keeping us busy most is the move of the build system from ant to maven, primarily to utilize the dependency management in maven. Some big tasks pending are writing a couple of maven plug-ins to complete the Insight build using JSmooth and NSIS.

The other big task after that is to set the website. Still deciding on whether to use Forrest, Doxia or Cocoon. And then again what to write the docs in: APT, docbook or xdocs. Too many choices!

Hopefully in the next few weeks we will have the tasks done, and announce Insight’s new home to the world.


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